Contest! Find the Maltese Falcon!

Posted: August 25, 2010 in Uncategorized
It’s gold. It’s jewel-encrusted. The jewels are enameled over in black. And now, it’s in Forsyth County.

The priceless, coveted Maltese Falcon is in town for On The Same Page. The question is, as always, where?

The Falcon

August 25

On The Same Page will be following the Falcon around town over the next several weeks, and posting photos here on the blog. If you think you can identify the location of the photo, send us your guess using the contact form over there on the left hand side of this page. Include the date of the photo from the caption. All correct entries will be saved, and at the conclusion of On The Same Page, there will be a prize winner (or two or three) drawn from the correct entries.

We will post the pictures again with the correct answers at the end of the program after we notify our prized winners.

Ah, yes, prizes.

Prizes are always fun, so much fun, we’re still working with the Falcon to decide what they’re going to be. They probably won’t be jewel-encrusted, but they’ll be good! Stay tuned for prize announcements.

We’ll also post whatever we can find out about the Falcon. Only the most incredible and intriguing stuff, brought to you by YOUR library, Forsyth County Public Library. Visit our blog often. The Falcon may be at one of YOUR favorite places.

(And just so you know in case you were wondering why a jewel-encrusted lump of bird-shaped gold is loose in Forsyth County, it’s not. We’re the library, not Tiffany’s.  Our falcon is a lump of some sort of polyresin. Think Ebay.)


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