Contest! Find the Maltese Falcon!

Posted: August 28, 2010 in Uncategorized
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Here’s our second photo to sleuth out the location of the intrepid Falcon as he makes his way throughout the community. He hits the high spots, going where the people go, and yet, sometimes, he’ll leave you scratching your head.

Send us your guess by using the contact form on the left side of this page. Remember to give us your name and email, the title and date of the photo, and your guess for the picture’s location. If you guess correctly, we’ll enter you in the prize drawing when On The Same Page finishes up on October 11th. That’s also when we’ll reveal the correct answers to ALL the picture locations.

And if you’re new and you missed the earlier pictures, go ahead and look through earlier blog posts…we’ll leave them up.

August 28 The Falcon starts his Saturday on the right note.


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