Film Noir Movie Series continues with The Asphalt Jungle.

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Our Film Noir series continues this coming Monday Night, September 20th at 6:30pm with John Huston’s The Asphalt Jungle.

The Noir series continues screening in the auditorium at Central Library.

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The Asphalt Jungle courtesy Amazon

Tim Dirks of AMC’s Filmsite summarizes the plot “Populated with great character actors in a superb ensemble cast, the film sympathetically displays the believable motivations and everyday, idiosyncratic human personalities of the assembled characters, mostly two-bit criminals (one with a family) and a recently-paroled mastermind criminal (Sam Jaffe) who all dream of and long for a quick, million-dollar jewelry store robbery to provide salvation and a means of getting away from their impoverished lives.”

The Asphalt Jungle premiered in 1950, starring Sterling Hayden, James Whitmore, Marilyn Monroe and Sam Jaffe. William R. Burnett, American novelist and screenwriter wrote the novel upon which the movie is based. Burnett is best known for his crime novel Little Caesar, which was made into a movie of the same name by Warner Brothers in 1931.

Noir of the Week has a synopsis of The Asphalt Jungle from 2007.  Turner Classic Movies has their reliably comprehensive resources for the film.

As with all events in our Film Noir series, we will be doing a drawing for a paperback of the book the movie is based on. For more information please call (336) 703-3020 or visit the Forsyth County Public Library

Learn More About Film Noir…

If you are already a Noir fan, then you know about the Film Noir Foundation. If you don’t, and you think you’re becoming a fan, you’ll want to check out their site. Their resources page alone is enough to bring you up to speed very quickly, and you’ll enjoy their online shop with T-shirts and great posters from the Noir City Film Festival in San Francisco.


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