Winston-Salem in the Jazz Age

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Sunday, September26th, 2:00 pm
Central Library Auditorium

1923 Anticipating their new R. J. Reynolds High School

The Jazz Age

Sam Spade’s turf in The Maltese Falcon is the urban terrain of San Francisco circa 1928. On this side of the continent, what was our city like during that famously roaring time known as “the Jazz Age?”  By most accounts it was a swinging time for Winston-Salem, economically and socially. The tobacco and textile industries were the engines that ran the city’s impressive growth. In 1920 a newspaper columnist wrote, “Investors are swarming into the city like bees….they know something good when they see it and Winston-Salem is on the way up.” The 1920 Census bore out the optimism showing that the city’s population had doubled since 1910 and that Winston-Salem was now the largest city in North Carolina.

Mary Katharine Smith Reynolds

On Sunday at 2:00 PM staff from the North Carolina Room at Forsyth County Public Library will look more closely at Winston-Salem in the Jazz Age. Highlighting the discussion will be the premiere of a short film full of original images highlighting sights of the city.


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